mardi 11 août 2009


Hi Rev Awasom,

I have been thinking. Are you the same Rev Awasom who used to be pastor of the Baforkum Presbyterian Church in Tubah Sub Division, Mezam Division, or is this a coincidence? If you are, then why do you hardly ever talk of Baforkum, let alone the Presbyterian Church, on this forum of which you are indisputably one of the most regular cotributors?

Are you aware that Baforkum has sprung back into the limelight, although this time for another reason, which is that its young and energetic pastor, the Rev Wara has been pulling crowds because of his faith healing sessions? People travel from far and wide just to meet the pastor for healing and/or cleansing. Suddenly, our little village has become something of a fovourite "tourist" destination. We thank God.

I am concerned because I am a son of Baforkum and I am writing at a time when we of Baforkum are determined to give the place a new lease of life. We count you as one of us. That's where you come in.


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Anonyme a dit…

Mr Mbah Tikum Azonga

Yes, you are right. Baforkum and CCAST COMPLEX, and Bambui were the cradle of a new civilization for the nation of Cameroon.This great movement, call it a peaceful revolution that I have carried it along with me to the USA in order to properly articulate it to inspire the people back home and around the world actually began in CCAST COMPLEX AND BAFORKUM. Like I said,the people know we are together. They have a voice out here till the end of the earth ,when we shall meet to part no more .

God has blessed everyone with different gifts. So, too is Wara.

As for me Jonathan Awasom, I am for a peaceful political change in Cameroon and Africa. I do not mince my words.

Our nation and the continent of African needs spiritual and moral healing from the vices that you best know. This is what we stand for in every sense of it as well as also pragmatic about a way forward.

In other matters I wonder why your blog in other chapters of your discuss, is carrying deragatory comments against my person? if you are objective then you should have posted the counter argument,which I made available to your Pro-CPDM rants.

Most importantly, if you really claim to be part of the solution of Africa's problems, then you should engage me and not fight against me. Now, you see why it is hard to believe you? Are you indeed part of the solution or problem?


Jonathan Awasom