mardi 1 juin 2010


(For Lombe)

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

I’m imperfect
And I’m not afraid to say so
Why should I be?
That’s why I’d shout it from the roof tops
At any time I’d proclaim it loud and clear
And not hesitate to make it known to the world
The whole wide universe
I know myself
And I know my shadow
But it won’t stand in my way
It won’t take me hostage

I was once a prefect
And although I had friend and foe
I never blamed the three
Some have put me on Top of the Pops
And claimed that I am the best face Mother Nature could ever wear
But being only daddy’s girl eager to read the word
I have also never put my gears in reverse
As an Aries I don’t hide in my shelf
No, I jump out, pick up my arrow and bow
And waiting for the most charming day in May
I switch on the machine at high voltage
After that, all alone, I sail down the river.

Copyright 2010

2 commentaires:

Nabanita a dit…

very nicely written :)

Lombe a dit…

this is beautyful! thank you