mardi 31 août 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

(posted on the forum on 31-08-2010)

Awasom surprises me with the manner in which he expresses himself. He is raw, crude, unrefined, uncouth, uncivilized, bad-mannered, coarse, vulgar, primitive, foul-mouthed, pristine and rustic.

From an overall perspective, his language is unguarded, unmeasured and below-the-belt.

Sometimes I wonder how he got into the pastorhood. But then, it doesn`t seem as if he is still actively in that vocation. He certainly does not speak like a pastor. A pastor binds, Awasom loosens; a pastor unites, Awasom divides; a pastor encourages, Awasom strikes down; a pastor blesses, Awasom curses, a pastor gathers his flock, Awasom scatters his.

Is Awasom you married? Would he use the language he posts on this forum to the hearing of his children? More importantly, would he use such language if face-to-face with Jesus? Let`s just suppose.

Awasom acts as if he were someone in chains trying to break away from the shackles. Is that really how he feels?

By the way, what happened in Baforkum (my birth village) where you were once pastor? How did you find yourself in America? Did you turn your back on your God-given job? And have you apologized to the congregation you left behind? Are you even in touch with them? You behave as if you are enemies with everyone and friends with none. Why? Maybe someone needs to pray for you?


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