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By Tikum Mbah Azonga

This is a reaction to a post on SHESA GOLD.

The reference I have just read about Br. Norbert is very heartwarming to me. Br. Norbert touched my heart when I was in Form Two. After spending Form I in St, Andrew`s Dormitory, I along with other Form One class mates moved to Main Dormitory St. John`s Dormitory.

And it came to pass that one night while were all in class for prep, thieves visited some dormitories. After picking up various items from some of the other dormitories, the men of the underworld deemed it necessary to use my suitcase as the container for their booty. They went away with every single item that was in my suitcase. I was aghast when I returned to the dormitory and found that my box had gone.

It turned out that I was not the only victim. The following morning the Principal, Br. John Phillips instructed Bro. Douglas to take us to the police station so that we could give statements. It turned out that the ringleader was a Shesan who had dropped out some years previously and now returned through the backdoor. As soon as we arrived at the station and he was brought out, he recognized one of the victims, Fabian Suh Fomanji and said to him, "Fabian, how now?" , and Fabian responded, "Fine."

Bro. Norbert was so moved by what had happened to me that he promised my family he would buy me a different suit case. And he did.

However, I wasn`t particularly close to him because I wasn`t good at sports. But I was quite close to Bro. John Phillips because I was good at French and he taught French. I suppose this is how I was able to even the score and balance the equation. I am sure that later the principal was personally instrumental in my being appointed Assistant House Captain for St Johns and Class Prefect for Form Two B when we moved from Form 4 to 5.

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