vendredi 26 février 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

The economy is in a shambles
Interest rates have soared
Inflation has skyrocketed
Purchasing power has dropped
The exchange rate is unfavourable
And the balance of trade doesn`t favour us.

And what are our leaders doing about it?
They are feeding themselves fat daily
They are playing snakes and ladders
And pouring champagne on the protruded bellies of concubines
Meanwhile thousands die each day from AIDS or malaria
And poverty, and misery and famine and ignorance.

This country needs a change of direction
We need a new vision
We need new mean and women who are clean outside and inside
We need leaders who`ll want to give something and take nothing
We need leaders prepared to sacrifice it all for the nation
Their name, their families, their honour, their very lives.

That`s who we need
But who will bell the cat?
Please, step forward
Stand up and be counted!

Copyright 2010

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