jeudi 8 juillet 2010


(For Lizzie)
Tikum Mbah Azonga

Why do people smile?
Why do they cover their faces with inviting innuendos?
Why don`t they go on and just cry for days?
Are they afraid the sky will fall on them?
Or do they fear they may burst through the roof?
Is it because we all live in glass houses
Or because life is rough, amorphous, acidic and shapeless?

I`m always prepared to go the extra mile
Where others fear to trade their wrists
This is because I have decided to follow Christ’s ways
That`s why when I smile, I smile for them
By the way, if you have lifted the horses’ hoof
You`ll know why when people cry, a simple smile douses.
To smile, you must be spiteless, spotless and stainless.

Copyright 2010

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