mercredi 18 août 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

To rule and govern the people
We the wolfish politicians
Lure young innocent ones with stolen money
Then we parcel them up like cannibal pylons
And sharpen and polish and gore them for the market.

Their emaciated bodies
All the caravan bars, computer junk, metallic alloys
Scarlet chloroformed hollow bones
Crimson-coloured skulls and idiot-soaked flash bulbs
We drop in the mail box for Paris
And the fiscal transfers to Geneva
Later, we sign decrees making appointments
Placing our family members and sect members.

The following day we hold a rally with foreign diplomats
Someone climbs up the ladder and from the very summit
Drops the bag of remaining parts
All fall down and scatter like broken egg shells
They are scattered and splashed all over the country.

To our applauding guests
We rise and propose a toast and say
"This is what we do
We build our nation
We fight poverty and under-development
Can`t you see?
This is what we do with your money and our money"

Supporters brought in buses
From far and wide celebrate the victory and cry out
"Long lie the president! Long live the chairman!"

Copyright 2010

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