mardi 10 août 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Do not put it down if you won’t pick it up
Smoke-coated vessels are bad enough already
What more of broken ones?
And you say you trust the Lord Mayor?
Although wise men have always got it right
How about the weather men and women who get it wrong?
Shall you not pay their bills?
Aren’t they still members of the clan like you?

Fair enough I saw the last wave and heard the last cry
But that was before the ship went day
That was when all the eunuchs came out
And like one man, cried out: “Rape! Rape! Rape!”
I know we have no more meteors
And no more curtain drawers
But is that any reason to split the congregation choir?
Put it down if you’ll pick it back up.

Copyright 2010-08-10

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