mercredi 18 août 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

The death has been announced of Dr. NDAMBI ISAAC AKENJI. He was a lecturer in the the History Department of the University of Buea.

This message is intended particularly for those who were students in CCAST Bambili in either the 1974-1976 batch or the one of 1975-1977. Some of us were of the second batch.However, fate made it in such a way that I was one of four students who occupied Independence Hall, Room 8 when I was in the First Year, that is the Lower 6th at the time. The other three students in Room 8 were all Second Year Students.They were Tangie Christopher Chwingum and Enow Mathias Tambe The Independence Hall President for that year was a certain Tarkang whom I remember was tall and soft spoken. He was succeeded the following year by Ngwa Emmanuel Tahmundungnji Munanjo, today a translator in Arusha..

Ndambi and I shared the same bung bed with me (the fox) sleeping on the upper bed and he on the lower one. We lost touch for many years until recently when we met here at the university. It was a happy reunion. After that he wasn`t quite ill as such but was on and off. Later I didn`t see him again for quite a while. Then suddenly, the bomb shell. He died on the 14th of this month. I remember him back in High School for his impeccable English, his neatness, and the expensive radio set that dignified our room.

But his death came hot on the hills of that of Dr Mac Ojong, one of the Heads of Department of Education, who slept in the Lord on the 11th. Dr MacOjong and I are/were neighbours here in Buea. Doctor was an exemplary neighbour to me as well as an encouraging senior colleague.It`s two sad losses and two blows.

May their souls rest in peace.

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