samedi 20 novembre 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

The vanguards are out
Out with impunity and a vengeance in all their spendour
Each carries a policeman`s baton
They come forth with a common goal
To make the chairman
And not unmake him
To unearth him
And not bury him

They`re armed to the teeth for the bout
Despite their abject innocence and apparent candour
Although they`ve never been to Clapton
That`s because they carry a common goal
And like a single man
They want to achieve it with no whim
They won`t even for a kingdom re-baptize their boss, "Tim"
Neither will they offer him a mere Sim
That`s why today they`ve sworn they`ll make Paul Biya fear him

Copyright 2010

2 commentaires:

Mundi Hermann a dit…

and ill like to know the individual you are refering to,rabbi

Anonyme a dit…

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