dimanche 12 décembre 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Copy of a reply sent to Mbunwe Charles on FACEBOOK

Hi Mbunwe,

I read your comments on the BIYA-FRU NDI meeting. You talk about “fighting Biya.” That`s fine. It`s your democratic and civic right. But every action should have an aim, an objective. What is yours in the fight? Is it to create a vacuum in the country? What do you fight him with? Words? The ballot box? A military coup? What option have you chosen? And what is your timetable? Who are the people in your fight? What is their remuneration? What is your source of funding? And for how long will you hold out?

You caption your photo of the Biya-Fru Ndi as one in which Fru Ndi is "begging for money". Is that not just an assumption? Were you there and heard him asking? How much did he ask for? How much was he given? Was in cash or by cheque or by travellers` cheques or by bank transfer, etc?

Whatever way you view it, by sitting down and talking – at last, at long last – the two men have shown a great act of statesmanship. Israelis and the Palestinians have sat down and talked; Cameroon and Nigerian have sat down and talked. Even the Holy Bible recommends dialogue that when there is a conflict between people dialogue should be used to solve it. So why shouldn’t Biya and Fru Ndi sit down and talk? It`s healthy for the country and for world peace.

Thanks for your friendship invitation. I have responded positively.

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