mardi 21 décembre 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Wake me Lord, when I`m asleep
Feed me Lord, when I`m hungry
Pour down the drink Lord, when I`m thirsty
Give me hearing Lord, when I`m dumb
Give me sight Lord, when I`m blind
Whisk me away, Lord when I`m tempted
Turn me around Lord, when I turn away.

Make me your slave Lord, when I disown you
Gag my mouth Lord, when I curse you
Tie my legs Lord, when I walk away from you
Tag me Lord, when I confuse you
Smack me Lord, when I don`t worship you
Flatten me like bread flour on the table, oh Lord
If I question you.

For who am I , if not your wanton sheep?
Who am I if not your holy temple?
What am I if not an unworthy child?
What am I if not a mere parasite?
I am nothing but trouble to you?
What is my future without you, if not a bleak one?

That`s why when I`m downcast, you cheer me up
When I`m weak at the knees, you carry me
When I sneeze, you pat me on the back
When I weep, you wipe my tears.
Who else is greater than thou
Who on this whole wide earth?
Only you
Because you are the greatest.

Copyright 2010

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