dimanche 10 juillet 2011


For Akye

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

You didn`t look everywhere
Did You?
Did you look among the daffodil beds?Di you look under the enamel flower pot?
Did you look between the Tilly lanterns?
Did you look among the rejected ballot papers?
Did you even look on the honours list?
That of the newly elected ASJUB officials?

I have a future cut out like Chinaware
I have no fear of that which is new
If you like, I can spin you new threads
What I hate is leadership rot
That`s why our new team will always carry lanterns
We do not doubt the value of our peers
So that when the time comes our names shall be on the scroll
That`s why the world, this world, needs presidents.

Copyright 2011

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