jeudi 14 juillet 2011


(For Ngong Bertrand)

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Could people still be this good
Or am I dreaming?
Have heaven’s doors and windows
Suddenly flung open and whisked everyone up
With no ticket, no money, no strings?
Why have all the girls` faces brightened up
And all the boys` grips become firmer?
Surely there must be something in the offing.

Cars drive past and I am ticked off as ready food
Amphi 750 is full to the brim and still streaming
All oil paintings I see are like obsolete bows and arrows
Any attempts at changing money simply flop
Science students talk of nothing but concentric circles and rings
When I attempt to walk up the wrong way, all strung
Multiple hands stop me short of the garner
Today, I wonder how so suddenly man can be so much of an underling.

Copyright 2011

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