dimanche 24 octobre 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Our sainted candidate lost the election
He failed to win the voters` confidence
Or did he?
He did not garner the majority of votes
And then to make matters worse
It was first past the pole
No proportional representation
So the minority groups were
Dwarfed,minimized, belittled, trampled upon

Did we ourselves pray about it?
I mean before we went out to to the polls?
Or did we just jump into the arena
Like Milla did
The day the World Cup started going badly for him?
Before we lost the election
We had lost our way already
We were going the wrong way
Yes, we carried the right placards
But we went the wrong way
They carried the wrong placards
But went the right way
That`s why they won
And that`s why we lost.

Copyright 2010

1 commentaire:

Mundi Hermann a dit…

am quite impressed sir.i have this question 4 you.what do you think of Kawala,pioneer of Cameroon Obosso/is she being ambitious or just pompous vis a vis the 2011 elections/