mardi 2 novembre 2010


Par Tikum Mbah Azonga

Je ne danse pas
Maman a-t-elle chante ouya ?
Ou est-ce deux poids deux mesures ?
Soyons justes, quand même !

Copyright 2010

2 commentaires:

louise a dit…

hello Mr Azonga,

i really like what you do in poetry. in this particular poem i would like some points to be highlighted: you would have said "chanté" instead of "chante" and "mésure" instead of "mesure". Did you mean "deux poids de mésures"? or "deux poids,deux mésures"? I understand however that your computer might be english making; that is why there are missing accents in the poem. But you know such as pronunciation is worthy in english, accents are discontournable in french.

i wish you the best.

Tikum Mbah Azonga a dit…


I meant "deux poids deux mesures".

Also, contrary to what you think, the word "mesure" (and all others in that family) does not take an accent in French.