lundi 27 juin 2011


For Vicky, for the good times

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Dignity can not be bought
Neither can it be sold
Try it and you`ll see, I bet you
You do so at your own risk and peril
It may not be quite Humpty Dumpty
But it will all hell let loose
No Kaiser will come dressed in a kimono
And no palm wine will flow
Not even a drop.

Are you, just because of that, so distraught?
Then spare a thought for the Lord Mayor’s days of old
When he turned the municipality into one big zoo
I won’t forgive you for calling me, `Beryl`
Because I’m not just Vicky, but Victory
The big `V` sign, that’s the vocation I choose
I’m a born fighter, even only with my bow
And never, even for a kingdom, would I stoop low
For the last thing I want to do is hop.

Copyright 2011

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