mercredi 29 juin 2011


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

It wasn`t worms
At least not another battalion
Weren`t we infested and festooned enough?
Did we still have to be inundated, drenched, drowned and swept away
Like the fish in Pa Muka`s flooded fishponds?
Then what would Dr Oben say in his next peer-reviewed journal
After all he was our specialist in fish farming and aquatic science
This wizard knew all the secrets of the little beast.

Anyway, the house, all of it
Didn`t leak, it just stank
And that was better, if you know what I mean
No amount of perfume from Pretoria
Or dollars from America
Or incense from the Orient
None of those could change anything. None
So we were all hemmed in, trapped, cornered, caught
I felt rotten as my body touched hers in the darkness
But there was no way I could get onto Facebook
And tell Bridget about it
All about it.

Copyright 2011

1 commentaire:

Martin a dit…

I feel sorry for Bridget...but life must go on.