dimanche 17 octobre 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

My sink leaks
And this has been so for weeks
Is it a faucet or the drain tap?
No plumber can tell me
When they come the leak stops before they look at it
Then they just see the pool of water
Once they`re gone it all begins again.

If there`s any such thing as home improvement
Then where is the Home Problem Solver?
Don`t tell me about the plumber again
I know other homes have leaking sinks
But why are my cabinets, vanities and cavities spared?
Instead after the floor carpet it`s always
The shut-off valve, the D.I.Y. book
What shall I do about my sink trap problem
I fear that before long mildew, rotting wood and mould
All of those vices will set in
And then we`ll all be stuck in the mud
Can someone out there help me?

Copyright 2010

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