samedi 16 octobre 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

They`re still here
Here where I left them
Here now, like before, like after
They`re on the spot
As if rooted
Or cast in concrete
Perhaps they`re a tablet of Moses` commandment stone
Yet, unlike Lot`s wife
They`re not transformed into pillars of stone.

In this cultural capital where nature will always stare
We all honour the Fon, I mean Sehm
But these two standing men with no rafter
Look like they have a secret plot
Or have they just been wrong footed?
They have stood for long but are discreet
Are they then looking for the lost bone?
Do they know why Godot`s vacuum became rampant and rife?
Well, as long as they`re not hit by a thunderbolt.

Copyright 2010

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