samedi 9 octobre 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Wonders shall, in deed, never end. I received a Facebook invitation to get linked to `The Southern Cameroons` . I did, in a bid to get to know more about the organisation. Shortly after, I found a message in which Facebook announced that I "liked" the BIYA MIUST GO CAMPAIGN. I found that to be cheap , poorly calculated, half-baked and far below-the-belt. I think we could do better.

I don`t operate in that manner. I don`t like things for the sake of liking them. I also don`t approve of blanket statements. Where, for example, must Biya go? What should he be going there to do? And who takes his place? How does that person get there? And what if in the end he doesn`t go at all? Will proponents of this theory then eat their words and thereby, eat humble pie? Cameroon`s constitution as it stands (right or wrong) allows Biya to run again if he wishes. and although he hasn`t announced his intention to do so, it is possible that he may. If he does, it will be for another seven years. Seven years is nothing and even if he accepts the 2011-2018 mandate, it is very likely that he may not run again when it comes to an end. So, why the panic? What contingency plans are interested persons making now to take over when the time comes? Solomon Tandeng Muna once said "People come and go, but the nation remains". Those who have the will and the means to stop him can best do so, in my opinion, by joining forces with the opposition, the most plausible party for that purpose being the SDF for now because of its weight and status.

As far as the Southern Cameroons issue is concerned, my stance has always been one and the same: If you have an enemy, face him; don`t chicken out. Don`t simply turn round, cut and run. I believe in one Cameroon in which I fight for my rights on the same footing as anyone else. I don` believe in capitulation.

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