dimanche 10 octobre 2010


Hi Theo,

Thanks for your views. However, I feel that from the moment we lifted the ban on political discussions on this forum, such discussions were allowed.

I am not condoning anything; I am stating a fact. Biya will not go simply because people are wishing him away from the political scene. There is a saying that if wishes were horses (even) beggars would ride. This is politics, not religion. Let`s return to the fundamental questions I asked: How will he go? Who will send him away? Where will he go? Who will contain him? Who takes over and on what grounds. And in the end, what if he doesn`t go at all? Will some people then resign from their own posts to register their disapproval?

I concluded by saying that the best means of change of president is through observance of the constitution. Right or wrong, that is the constitution we have for now. Perhaps one day when someone else becomes president he or she will use his parliamentary weight to again change the constitution. That is politics. Let`s not fool ourselves by thinking that if we go to bed with the wish that he should be gone by the following morning, he will no longer be there when we get up in the morning. the next morning. That is where political parties come in. Those who want him to go can best do so by beefing up the opposition parties as a whole or the political party whose feet are most firmly on the ground.


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