dimanche 27 mars 2011


For Olive

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Am I strong enough to face the challenges of life?
In other words, do I have my feet firmly on the ground?
Or am I just one of those loose cannons who float and lurk
And in the end, rant and moan and babble?
Am I talking to someone? Are we together?
Or am I a lone voice in the garden of Tibati
In search of greener pastures?
And have I forgotten that today`s my child`s birthday?

I believe in godly harmony, not civil strife
That`s when I`m in my element and on solid ground
Even so, I`m neither, Mandela nor Burke
I don`t dabble in portfolios because I hate tittle-tattle
I `m the compatible Pisces go-getter
And all the princes call me the Beauty Princess from Kribi
I know about all kinds of recipes, although not fixtures
And my secret at all times is one of making hay.

Copyright 2011

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