lundi 21 mars 2011


For Gaelle

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

The glasses, the teeth and the lips
Those are the trump cards I hold
But perhaps that is only the tip of the iceberg
Which is where our cherished STV comes in
Even so, aren`t we all too slow for the flow?
Have the loose ends at this Carlos Hotel workshop been tied up?
Have all the `T`s been crossed and the `I`s been dotted?
Or have the bosses simply papered over the cracks?

Despite our multiple stilts, I still need some tips
Because as far as I know, I`m firmly back in the fold
Despite the devastating gale from Johannesburg
You are my fresh fish without the fin
My golden compass for the nation despite the foe
Forget about my shouting lipstick so finely lined up
Or my Taurean obstinacy too closely knit to be transported
I move warily enough to avoid the Delegate`s cupid packs.

Copyright 2011

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