vendredi 11 mars 2011


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

What is the reason for which he "must go"? The constitution as it stands (right or wrong) , allows him to run again, if he wishes. Until the constitution is again revised to include terms that exclude his candidacy, I firmly believe that he has a right to run for president this year.

The only way he can be stopped is through the ballot box, And that is why new entrants to the presidential race such as Hon, Ayeah Paul, Mr Nfor Susungi and Kah Walla have stepped into the arena and are sharpening their voting tools.

To merely state that "Biya must go" without any tangible backing is to make a mockery of democracy and freedom of expression. I can understand if some people are fired up and want a change, "here and now". But then, just as emotions can be misleading in a game of football, they too can account for failure in politics.

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