jeudi 31 décembre 2009


(For Mola Charles Menyoli)

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

I will shower your name with blessings
And cover your path with flowers and perfume
I will ask all the chirping birds of Gods air
To fetch their golden harps in wait
And all Mile 17 Park Boys with their strident voices
To converge like one man at the motor park
And with one voice, proclaim your holy name
You are God, you are Lord, and you are the most high.

I won’t forget Fakoship`s stevedorings
Because I don’t want you to fume
And also because to Mola Menyoli I must be fair
With God, Fakoship will not lapse
For he alone will forestall all its vices
And never will he let anyone be another Clark
Lord, yesterday, today and tomorrow, you are same
Our only wish is to be nigh and high.

Copyright 2009



I wrote this poem on New Year`s eve, that is the 31st of December 2009 while dining at LADY L Restaurant in Limbe. Suddenly I thought about Pa Mola Charles Menyoli, the boss of FAKOSHIP, with whom I hadn`t met for about five years. Interestingly, a few minutes after I finished writing the poem and was still sitting at LADY L, I saw him pass in his vehicle. This was remarkable, I thought.Why see him only when I had just written a poem for him?

Pa Menyoli is one of the Cameroonians whom I hold in very high esteem.He once gave me a rousing reception at his Buea residence some ten years ago when I was on a mission in Cameroon from Britain which at the time, was my base. Apart from that, Mola Menyoli is a man with a kind heart. He is done a lot in terms of giving something back to the community. Those who know him, know that about him.


3 commentaires:

Atenchong micheal a dit…

I have heard of Mola Menyoli before,today and tomorrow i will still hear about him.I know him as a very benevolent person.may God keep enabling him help others in his great mercy and love.But in the poem are you referring to Mola Menyoli as God? i ask this because in the first stanza one can presume that you are addressing him as God,that is giving divine qualities to a human being.

Tikum Mbah Azonga a dit…

He is not God. But for the person in great need whom he has helped, he is that person`s "God", at least at that moment.


Atenchong micheal a dit…

Thats the point. I believe our creator has made it in such a way that we see him every day through others.