samedi 19 décembre 2009


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

(For Chwinui)

I'm a nurse
And proud to be one
Nursing for me is not just a profession
Far from it, it's a vocation
I can't wait to get to the field
For that's where my mettle will be tested
The taste of the pudding surely lies in the eating
So whether I'm your beauty queen
Or just my humble self
I thank God for every blessed day.

Oil stains are not necessarily a curse
Even when we are not together as one
As a nurse I administer the injection
That's why on this day of desolation
As Barrister Akwen Achu leaves the fold
I'm sure that in God she will be rested
Because in dying Christ died for the living
I'm neither a novice nor a dean
Neither am I the last book on the shelf
That's why at all times I want to make hay.

copyright 2009

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