mercredi 23 décembre 2009


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

I have died a thousand deaths
Yet I live
What haven`t I gone through?
I`ve been through thick and thin
I`ve been insulted and reproached
Slandered, disqualified and ostracized
Spat on and humiliated.

Even so, I stand tall
And stand firm
I hold my ground
After all, what`s one fall?
Jesus fell, not once
Nor twice
But thrice.
So who am I to moan?

copyright 2009

3 commentaires:

Atenchong Micheal a dit…

this poem to me is very encouraging it instills some sort of courage to every one to endure all they go through on a daily bases.So every one should follow the example of our savior Christ an carry his/her cross.

Anonyme a dit…

This messages is an energizer to those who have fallen and think they can never rise.We all should know that giving up is failure.We should always move forward despite the obstacles we face on our way.

By Kuma Kevin

Tikum Mbah Azonga a dit…

You are right. Jesus Christ, The Master Teacher, in everything he did, was a shining example and a robust source of inspiration for us all.