mercredi 24 mars 2010


(Foe Mr Maximuangu, the first Dairying Officer I ever knew. At the time, he was attached to the Agicultural Farm in Bambui, Cameroon, after completeing his studies
in the USA.)

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

I love dairy farming
I enjoy washing and counting the cows
I relish milking the full ones
I just love listening to the slushing of the immaculate liquid
As it invades the expectant basin
And the acquiescing animal leans over backward.

With these bare hands, we have made cheese, humming
We have made butter
With Pa Anton Achuo,we have produced butter and fed the geese
At Christmas we have killed a cow or two
We even grew feed:setaria nandi, chloris guyana and brachiaria ruziziensis
So what more can we ask for?

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