lundi 22 mars 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Today is Sunday
And we know why
It’s because Saturday exited prematurely
After suffering a slipped disk
Professionals call it the herniated, ruptured or prolapsed disk
Hospital emergency couldn’t help
Saturday would have had to be rushed to the theatre
For an emergency operation
But then there would have been a hitch
Because the anesthetist is on vacation
He left for Europe, taking his keys
So neither the surgeon
Nor the gynecologist
Nor the pediatrician
Nor the urologist
Could gain access to his office.

So this morning at the hospital
Everyone was only too happy to fly the flag at half mast
And rejoice that the baobab had at last fallen
Even so
How can we be so sure?
The decree has not been issued yet
At least the National Radio Station has not broadcast it
The way things happen in this country
I wouldn’t be surprised if in the end
There is even no decree
And Dr Sacks enjoys himself in Bavaria
And returns unchallenged, unquestioned, unscathed.

Today is Sunday
And the priests, our priests have spoken
So have the pastors
At least there are no more slipped disks
So now, what will happen at the hospital
While we all wait for the return of the key?
Shall Sunday tarry and stay the course?
Shall Monday rush and gun for the position
Or shall it wait patiently for its natural turn?
Shall Tuesday be looking on and laughing?
And shall Saturday be looking back and regretting?

Copyright 2010

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