samedi 13 mars 2010


(For my brother Geoffrey Mbaku)

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Geoffrey has flown
Not away but out
Across the ocean
He went with his wife and kids
To London City
To see the Queen
And give her his seasonal greetings, albeit belatedly
He has a card for her with the inscription
“Ma’am, we bring you a message of peace
We love you”
However, my brother isn’t sure
The queen will like what he carries in the basket:
Cowries, cam wood and the peace plant.
Don’t worry, Geoffrey
Give her! Just give her!
Our queen is not so cruel!
There is one thing though
Remember to see my own kids
Abu, Tayong and Lum
And don’t forget to give them
The verbal message I sent you:
“Hi kids! Dad loves you!”
Also think of handing them personally the bundle of cola nuts
Isn’t it said he who brings cola, brings life?

Copyright 2010

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