lundi 29 mars 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

One of the pistons has given way
That`s why
That`s where the problem lies
It`s not you
It`s not me
And it`s not the driver.

That`s why we always advise people
Not to go to Oku
Unless they`re carrying something to the people
This nation has taken so much from Oku
But given it very little
It`s not about prime ministers or governors
Those are not positions reserved for Oku
In fact anybody can be appointed a prime minister or governor.

Oku has treated lots of people in the country and even out of the country
For many years Oku was the only reliable place in Cameroon
For treating complicated medical cases
It has treated men, women, children, twins
Senior Divisional Officers, Governors, Minister, Parliamentarians
And even Heads of State. Yes, why not?
But the Oku people will not say this because they are modest
For many years Oku schools systematically scored 100 per cent in exams
Oku has the best tradition juju dance group that has represented us all over
Oku people do not use witch craft on their guests
Instead, they protect them
They are a God fearing people
Come on
Let`s render to Caesar what is Caesar`s and to God what is God`s.

Copyright 2010

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