samedi 10 avril 2010


For Mambo

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Who really, is God?
Is he a trousered man?
Is he physical?
Or is he a spirit, invisible, untouchable?
Is he here with me in Baforchu today
Or is he in Bethlehem
Where Jesus was born?
Who is he?
What is he?
Where did he come from
Where is he
And where is he going?

I grapple with my doubt
Although I carry no pain
You may call me skeptical
Or even feeble
But I won't let uncertainty carry the day
As an economist, I readjust, I don't hem
Above all, I'm not on the run
So that if anyone is, I too can be
I am on my knee
In search of the holy key
But I beat no drum
And I fell no tree
So that when he speaks, I'll be sailing.

Copyright 2010

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