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Hi Celes, I don't agree with you that Biya has already won the 2011 presidential. Here are my reasons

1. Political elections are a high level competition, like any other competition. At the time the match begins it is usually clear in the mind of the public who is the favorite.But sometimes the favorite is beaten. That happened between David and Goliath, between Cameroon and Argentina, even with the powerful presence of Diego Maradona. Yet we did it with only ten players.

2. Ask yourself this question: if opposition parties were to team up seriously, could`t they do do it? I say they could, but they won`t because each of the wants to be the next president. And that is not Biya`s fault..Remember that in the course of history, small nations have willingly gone to war with bigger ones. Even if they did`t win, they made their point.Besides in ngamamabo we say that if you are going to war, don`t start counting the number of corpses on the field. Yet you have stared counting yours before the war has started.

You mentioned Ben Muna`s change of language between 1999 and now. That is normal in politics. That is why it is said politics is not religion. In religion, the ten commandments guide us.In politics there are no such commandments. Politicians can steal, lie, kill and make false promises just to be in power. It may not be right but politics is not about rightness, it is about ways and means and results. So, politics is also not the law.

When George Bush Senior was campaigning for president, he said to Americans " Watch my lips: No new taxes!" When he got to power he raised taxes. When the then Prime Minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlaine met with Adolf Hitler and got the German Furher to sign a non-agression pact, he did. When the PM arrived at the airport in Britain and descended from the plane, he triumphantly waved the document crying with joy: "Don`t you see? He has signed it! Here it is!" Shortly afterward, Britain, especially London received the worst bombing and shelling in its lifetime. That is the way things are.

By the way, if you have already prematurely declared Paul Biya the winner, there are two things you are forgetting. Just as in Ngammabo we say you can`t count money that is in someone else`s pocket, you cannot also tell what is in somebody else` mind. Biya has not declared his intention, so there is that slight chance that he may not run. Even if he runs, you have also forgotten that God in his infinite wisdom my intervene on the side of the people. So were you speaking for God and yourself?





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"sunny malex"
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A nice one....That was a good political workout Celestine!

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From: Celestin Atanga
Subject: [mbudca_global] Re: [cameroon_politics] Muna Calls for Equal Development for Unity to Prevail in Cameroon
To: cameroon_politics@ yahoogroups. com
Cc: "Cameroon Network" , "Yes_We_Can" , "Moderator"
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 2:10 PM

Dr. Susungi:
I feel very sad when we keep wasting out time talking about presidential candidates when we know very well as things stand today, Mr. Paul Biya has already won the 2011 presidential elections. ELECAM before the recent amendment was a "doubtful" wing of the CPDM. Since Biya wasn't very sure of ELECAM's loyalty, he brought in MINAT/D who's track record in rigging is known by all and sundry. So, by talking about les présidentiables all the time in a context which we all know is more or less a joke.

The real problem we have in Cameroon is the electoral system that is of Biya for Biya and by Biya. I don't see anyone beating Mr. Biya under the present ELECAM/MINATD contraption. I've on several postings (on the internet and debates on radios and TVs) said that President Obama and Pope Benedict XVI under the banner of un candidat unique de l'opposition cannot beat Biya as things are now. I remember saying here a few weeks ago that elections are rigged even in areas where the CPDM is competing alone. Before any election, say parliamentary or municipal, the CPDM disqualifies her opponents in most parts of her "fiefs" before competing with other parties in the rest of the national territory. It is like the 4 by 4 (track and field) relay race where your opponent has his baton (already running) over midway the distance while you're still waiting for your partner who is very faraway, almost at the starting point. More so, your opponent (the CPDM) can decide and stop you wherever while he's on the run. Who'll win that race? That's why the CPDM has 156 out of 180 and is governing with a coalition of Bello Bouba and Issa Tchiroma Bakary. With this "popularity" and over 75% of ELECAM members belonging to CPDM, they're still afraid - they had to bring back their rigging wing - the SDOs and DOs into the electoral process.

That said, I agreed with Mr. Usumanu's comments about the Munas. I think the best Munas (Pa and Ni Dan) have long gone to the world beyond. Pa Muna during his dying days defended their actions (him and Dr. JN Foncha) at the United Nations. Paradoxically, those that the Biya oligarchy put in place to oppose Pa Muna were Messrs Ben Muna, Akere Muna and Pa Mbile. Messrs Ben and Akere Muna were all over CRTV saying that their father was suffering from dementia,etc. , so, he shouldn't be taken seriously. Pa Mbile, on his part, was saying that nothing can changed as per the Foumban Conference. He (Pa Mbile) kept denouncing Pa Muna and Pa Foncha for trying to put back grown up kids into their mothers' wombs. He didn't end there, he wrote a book (I have forgotten the title) in defense of the Ahidjo and Biya oligarchies.

As for Pa Muna's children, Cameroonians will have to know how Barrister Akere Muna became the Vice President of Transparency International (TI) just when the Biya oligarchy was fighting them for tarnishing their image. The oligarchy had to invite the then Peter Eigen, President of TI to Cameroon. The man was questioned on what they were doing to arrived at the conclusion that Cameroon was the most corrupt country. It should be recall that TI had indicted Cameroon twice as the most corrupt country in the world in 1998 and 1999.

Barrister Akere Muna is both the oligarchy's lobbyist and lawyer. In court proceedings leading to the sentencing of Ondo Ndong Emmanuel Gerald (former GM of FEICOM), Barrister Akere Muna him (Ondo Ndong) "helped" via Newsweek Magazine to "cleanse" Cameroon's image on the international media.

As for Ni Ben Muna, he has more questions to answers than his kid brother. Ni Ben said recently (in the Post Newspaper) that he's building a coaltion of oppoosition parties to oust Mr. Biya in 2011. This same Ni Ben has said in The Quail now called The Standard Tribune in April 2009 that he is no longer and "opposition" but a "proposition. " In that interview he said people no longer like the word opposition; that's why his was now a proposition. He went on to say that he would like Mr. Biya to give him some Ministries for him he run them according to the manifesto of his party. Not to long ago (between May 2006 and March 2007), Ni Ben Muna was running from one FM radio station to the other telling those who care to listen that he has been "given" the SDF by the Mfoundi courts. He paraded himself wherever he were as the National Chairman of what he called "SDF Authentique. " Ni Ben claimed to have held a convention in Yaounde that "elected" him Naional Chairman of "SDF Authentique. " That so-called convention that was banned according to the SDO of Mfoundi in Cameroon Tribune on May 28, 2006 .It also led to the dead of a Cameroon. Up till this moment, Ni Ben has never been charged for holding an illegal meeting that led to the death of a Cameroonian. If it were to be Dr. Susungi or Mr. Usumanu that convened an illegal gathering and someone passed away, they would have long been thrown into jail for masterminding the killing of a Cameroonian.

I think I have sufficiently spoken about these Munas - Messrs Ben and Akere. A large majority of Cameroonians know them. I've also heard people talking about dynasties. I have read much about some of these so-called dynasties: the Kennedys and the Bushes. The Kennedys were and are still Democrats while the Bushes are Republicans. These dynaties have had their time and have gone for good? Sen. McCain even suffered during the 2008 U.S. presidential election because he was seen a third term for President George W. Bush. All in all, have the American finally said bye bye to these dynasties?

Now the Muna: Pa Muna was KNDP, CNPC and later CNU/CPDM. Were his children in the CNU/CPDM or apolitical before 1990? I don't know. But after 1990, we saw Ni Ben in the SDF; sooner he resigned (1996) and later he came back in the SDF (2004). Ni Akere said he was non-partisan. It was however alledged that he romanced for sometimes with Garga Haman Adji's ADD party. I will have to cross-check this allegation. Ma Ama Tutu Muna is the present Minister of Culture. She is of course CPDM. Can we call this a dynasty? Do dynasty exist with members prostituting from right to left. I am asking if some of us should believe in people who are wrestling to use every means to be at the top? In other words, can we stick out our necks to Ms Ama Tutu Muna, CPDM (rightist), Ni Akere (neutral or centrist?) and Ni Ben of the leftist political philosophy?

As far as I am concern, we can move on without the Munas. Ms Ama Tutu Muna and Mr. Akere Muna have repeatedly said that there is no Southern Cameroonians problem. They like other opportunities must say that in order to be accepted by the oligarchy.

Have I drifted away from the conversation in question? Well, it's good to be ambitious politically. However, it's not only that; you need to build a political movement to actualise your dream. A movement cannot just be build on the eve of an election. Taking into consideration our realities, political movements should be build on the field, that is, the nooks and cannies of our triangle and not on the internet. The few youths who use the internet in Cameroon do so as a means of finding their way out of Cameroon. If you doubt this, enter 10 cybercafés in Yaounde, Douala or Bamenda and find out for yourself.

Using the internet to market one's political ambition should not be completely rule out in our context. Above all you need to be seen and known by the people. Being out there doesn't help matters and only coming here on the eve of a presidential election is even worse. You will be regarded as a opportunist.

A successful political movement of recent times is that of President Obama. He began building his moment even before he was elected Senator of Illinois. It continued till he entered the White House. He's still keeping it intact.

How Cameroonians outside Cameroon have a following, talk less of a political movement? I am still to see or hear of one.

To be honest with you, outside the CPDM that has confiscated the state apparatus to its favour, the ONLY political party that has genuine national representation is the SDF. If you go to Yagoua in the Far North, Yokadouma in the East Provinces, etc., you will see SDF functional structures there. Outside these two, the others are on paper. Furthermore, some political commentors have often said and I agree with them that the only credible and possible replacement of the CPDM is the SDF. That apart, I am in no way saying that change in Cameroon should only be effected by the SDF. What I am trying to say is that the SDF is there and no one can wish it away. The CPDM and its allies have tried it albeit unsuccessfully. As things are now, the future of political change in our country depends on all of us. It shouldn't just be change but the change we want.

At this defining moment, talking about a presidential candidate when the elections have been won in advance is a distraction.

And thus my take: we should focus on evicting the Biya oligarchy. When that is achieved, anything can then follow.



"My friend's friend can be my friend, but my friend's enemy should not necessarily be my enemy." ~Celestin Atanga~

"The smallest deed is better than the biggest intention." ~Achu Raymond~

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From: Nfor N Susungi
Subject: Re: [cameroon_politics] Muna Calls for Equal Development for Unity to Prevail in Cameroon
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Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 11:10 AM

Mr. Usumanu,
I can see why you have your reservations about Barrister Akere Muna. That is your right. But you do not make your case any stronger by questioning other peoples' motives for mentioning the names of people who can challenge Paul Biya. If you have people whom you think can do the job, please do mention their names and let us all take a clse look at them. Afterall someone must take over from Paul Biya in the near future.
Dr. Susungi

From: albert usumanu
To: cameroon_politics@ yahoogroups. com
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Subject: Re: [cameroon_politics] Muna Calls for Equal Development for Unity to Prevail in Cameroon

Dr. Susungi;

Akere does not have what it takes to be president of Cameroon. I hate to engage in personal attacks but I have noticed that you and Celestin Bedzigui are good at "name dropping", telling all who you have interacted with at any point in time. This is very common in Cameroon where we have replaced God with our idol of choice: Man. Man is now expected to provide to us all that only God can provide. Idolatry pure and simple. Name dropping may help convey what happened in the past but it also wimpishly conveys a sense of importance as it says, "look at who I know". In our Cameroon, man is Big and God is small.
So much for digression. A leader Jesus instructs is a servant and in our case someone who deeply cares about the yoke of oppression and poverty of the masses. In the bible, God consistently sides with the poor and oppressed. In Akere's case, I perceive at a distance a somewhat cognitive dissonance in fighting corruption and defending a Mounchipou, accused of massive corruption. When and where did Akere or Ni Ben, well to do people, using their self-made resources engage in projects in their native Ngyenbu for starters that benefitted the masses? Lest you think I am against the Munas, I think late Dr. Dan Muna had the heart, humility to have made a great politician. I know because he lived next to my uncle in Douala. If you look down on people, it is virtually impossible to look up to God. Though he was raised in a palace, Moses had a compassionate heart for his people and even before God called him to lead, he chose to forfeit his lavish lifestyle by killing an Egyptian soldier who oppressed an Isrealite in bondage.
I believe there are thousands of servant-leaders in Cameroon capable of governing Cameroon. Give me a man or woman who having known adversity and pain, walks humbly and circumspectly with the God who created and owns the beloved triangle we call Cameroon.
May God be Big and everyone be small.

Albert Usumanu
From: Nfor N Susungi
To: cameroon_politics@ yahoogroups. com; Eden Media
Cc: southerncameroon@ yahoogroups. com
Sent: Tue, April 20, 2010 5:34:44 AM
Subject: Re: [cameroon_politics] Muna Calls for Equal Development for Unity to Prevail in Cameroon

I must admit that I am surprised to hear my big brother Ni Ben Muna speaking about an Anglophone Problem at the age of 70. That reminds me of June 1995 when his late father (of blessed memory) and the Late Dr. John Ngu Foncha, finally admitted the same thing when they sat down with us to sign the London Communique after retuning from the United Nations where they had filed a petition against the annexation of the Southern Camroons by La Republique du Cameroun.

Witnesses to this event which took place at 3 am in the morning were: Sam Ekontang Elad, Henry Fossung, Simon Munzu, Mola Njoh Litumbe, Dr. Arnold Yongbang, Nfor N Susungi, Dr. Mercy Tembon and last but not least, Barrister Akere Muna. When Pan Foncha and Pa Muna signed the London Communique, they were treated as old men who had bitten the hand that fed them. If we had all rallied to their lead, Cameroon may yet be a different country from what it is today.

How I wish Ben was still young enough to challenge Paul Biya in the Presidential elections of 2011. Perhaps it is time for Akere Muna to speak up, as he is still a young man who has not yet reached the age of 60. Doesn't Akere Muna have what it takes to be President of Cameroon?

Dr. Susungi

From: Fon Christoper Achobang
To: Eden Media
Sent: Tue, April 20, 2010 8:56:22 AM
Subject: [cameroon_politics] Muna Calls for Equal Development for Unity to Prevail in Cameroon

Muna Calls for Equal Development for Unity to Prevail in Cameroon

By Christopher Fon Achobang

Alliance for Progressive Forces (APF) Chairman, Barrister Bernard Achu Muna has called on the Biya government to proceed with an equitable development of Cameroon for unity to prevail in the country.

He was speaking at the first stop of an information tour of the APF, which started in Muyuka, South-west Region on 17 April 2010.

Hundreds of militants who came in from Mpondo, Yoke, Oweh, Ekata and other villages and CDC camps filled the Muyuka court house for the first meeting with the APF Chairman since the 2007 elections.

Barrister Bernard Achu Muna said he expected government to use the resources of the land in a equitably so that all parts of the country should have a taste of the national cake. He said people in the North-west and South-west regions feel left behind in the development of Cameroon.

He picked holes in a government scheme to pay forestry taxes (redevance forestière) to the local councils with forests. He said the same attention be paid to the other councils with products like petroleum. In this light, he called on the Cameroon government to pay petroleum taxes (redevance pétrolière) to the local council areas with these products.

After a presentation by APF 1st Vice-chairman Souleymanou, which posited that Cameroon should be at the same level of development with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, if the country’s money was not embezzled, Barrister Bernard Achu Muna regretted that Ndian Division which supplies all the petrol in Cameroon has no roads.

On the bad state of roads in the South-west Region, Ni Ben Muna, as the APF chairman is fondly called, lamented that it is incredible that bridges which cost the State of Cameroon billions to build are standing without roads linking them for 20 years. He regretted that the road he took to Mamfe on Monday 19 April 2010 is worse than it was 50 years ago.

Ni Ben Muna says as Anglophone, he believed there was an Anglophone problem in Cameroon. He said other Anglophones should take the cue from him an articulate this problem clearly. He said at 70 the noises he was making was a rallying call for Cameroonians to stand up and take their destiny into their hands, using peaceful means.

He explained that he has always refused to preach violence because he witnessed, first hand, what violence did in Rwanda in 1994. He said while it is easy to begin violence, it was very difficult to bring it under control. Welcoming him to Muyuka, the APF political bureau member, Mr. Azzi Azzi Thomas thanked Muna for answering the call of the people from his constituency and coming to listen to them. He said the people have come out massively because the APF was putting people first.

The information tour took Ni Ben Muna from Limbe to Mamfe. The Chairman and his entourage will visit other parts of the country to preach the APF message of putting people first.

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