mercredi 14 avril 2010


(For Alice in Wonderland)

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

What will I really say?
That I saw it or that I didn’t see it?
And who would believe me?
I was so close to the scene of action
Although unaware of it
Three things filled my mind
The pharmacy, the chemist and the pharmacy
So I couldn’t even have seen the chairman pass
So what more of the fracas?
A brawl in which I couldn’t have been a party
I was in the pharmacy and God is my witness.
I’m no villain.

I don’t have feet made of clay
Often too busy to sit
I’m not on bended knee
If I was, I would be full of compunction
But being a Spartan, I categorically refuse grit
I can draw a Persian hind
But that doesn’t mean I’m without class.
If I were called Lucas
I’d also be called Epanty
But to me what matters most is fitness
That’s why I work at Villen.

Copyright 2010

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