samedi 10 avril 2010


For Lilian

By Tikum Mbah Azonga

Why am I so sad
When everyone else around me makes merry?
Why do I shed tears when everyone else roars with laughter?
Am I so narrow minded?
Do I live in a world of my own?
Am I some race apart?
Do I forget no man is an island
And that each one is a link in God's chain of life?

Watch my lips
Here and now I make this solemn vow
Henceforth I'll be more cheerful than anyone else
I'll rise early in the morning, say my prayers
And when I go out, I'll give every one I meet a smile
And tell them what a wonderful night I've had
I'll tell them I've never felt any better
That I'm in robust health, fit as a fiddle
And ready to take on the world all alone
Then everyone will know that I've changed
I've turned over a new leaf
I'm no longer who I was
I'm a new person
I'm born again.

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