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According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, the police force is an organization whose job is to keep public order, prevent and solve crime. As such, one can conclude that the police are, or ought to be a sacred, incorruptible and highly respected unit seeking to win the hearts and minds of the the public, while protecting it. That, of course, ties in with what Cameroon’s security bosses have called proximity policing.

When one monitors events in the country, one does fell concerned about one’s safety, for there are frequent cases of burglaries, hold-ups, murders and assassinations. Therefore one thing that Cameroonians needed most was assurance that the authorities are aware of the state of insecurity, and secondly that they are doing something about it. That has come from the new police boss, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo who has visited various sectors of the nation’s police force, taken note of their needs and given them words of encouragement. The Rapid Intervention Squared he installed here in Yaounde is now operational, with some 3000 calls already said to have been received at the monitoring and processing center. It is worth pointing out that the hotline can be reached by dialing the number 17 for fixed telephone callers and 117 for cellular ones.

The Delegate General has warned those who do not have their official identification papers to get them or face penalties. For foreigners, it is the different residential documents, and for Cameroonians, the National Identity Card. This has no doubt heightened the security alert in the country. It will be commendable if it stays at that level.

Nonetheless, the Delegate General must equally clearly, spell out the role of vigilante groups, commonly known in Cameroon as anti-gangs and tackle police corruption which regrettably mars the good work of the force.

Cameroon has taught the world how to play football. It can also teach the world how to police its police.

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atenchong micheal a dit…

I think this article hits on one of the most salient sectors of our country today and it goes along way to portray the endeavour the police is doing to maintain order inour country today.But while reading in the second paragraph the use of the word *fell* in the sentence *one does fell concerned* and in the penultimate paragraph the use of the word *mars* in the sentence *corruption which regretably mars * makes the article quite complicated to understand easily.
But nontheless the article is a success.


It is very clear the Big Boss is doing his utmost best to wipe away the current corruption that flows in the Cameroonian Police Force. They've done very well to recruit new members into the force. Fresh breed of citizens that will certainly not indulge in the bad corrupt practices. My worry is; What is happening with the last recruitment exercise which took place earlier this year? Is it undergoing some sort of corruption at the moment?

Tikum Mbah Azonga a dit…

Thanks Micheal and Power Point Print.

It`s an honour for me to interact with you.

To Micheal specifically: The word, "fell" should have been "feel".

The other phrase you highlighted, containing the word, "mars" is used correctly. It means "to tarnish".