samedi 16 janvier 2010


(For Emilia)

Par Tikum Mbah Azonga

He disappointed me
This man to whom I gave of myself
I gave him my heart
My love, my all
In the end he walked out on me
So many years of sacrifice, self sacrifice
We looked in the same direction
I, like a missionary, planted my heart on the fig tree
And stood guard like a Roman sentry
Until the chickens came home to roost.

Today, he comes back on bended knee
Telling me he has hung his boots on the shelf
He claims he is sorry about the great fall
He asks if I’ll accept him back for a fee
Those were the days we ate nothing but rice
Forget about my life in the Soa direction
So much water under the bridge of pedigree
But there’s no way I can make a second entry
Frankly, he must look for someone else for that boost.

Copyright 2010

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