samedi 13 mars 2010


By Tikum Mbah Azonga

I may not know how to count
But I can weigh and stack
Like we did at the Cooperative Union in Santa
When we were proud holiday jobbers
I remember them all
Baron Pienyam Teku, Richard Kwende, Napoleon Asobo
Victor Asobo, Oliver Fornjindam and sisters
But also Alla’, Cho Modus, Over Chair, Ndumbe Manga Bell
I see the Santa Lion and its orchestra
And Hon Sam dancing away
With the rest of us and like the rest of us.

Those were the days when Santa was the fount
When one would either pick or weigh or stack or pack
It was more than a life of Fanta
There was also Mikado for clubbers
People like Peter Country Man stood tall
Each person cared for his neighbour
Everyone forgetting the jitters.
If you didn`t want it, you could go to hell
Then there was Ritz who made my heart for ever stutter.
Santa was such a melting pot at all times it held sway
Today, while there, I journey back and wonder why all the fuss.

Copyright 2010

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